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The Youth Sub Committee are an integral part of the centre, ensuring that our teens remain involved and engaged in centre life. The Youth committee raise funds to provide our centre teens with an annual outing. In recent years these have been to Oakwood Theme Park and a muddy assault course.

The Youth Committee raise funds by selling tuck shop and hosting barbeques for members to enjoy, they also hold a number of raffles throughout the year.

The Youth Committee support main committee at our larger events such as the 1900th and the Welsh Nationals and are fully involved in everyday centre life.

Youth Chairperson

Megan Bivens

Youth Treasurer

Elis Burridge

Youth Secretary

Lucia Ameini

Youth Committee

Elle Gallagher

Jack Barnes

Grace Carro

J Israel

Scott Bennett

Summer Grace Thomas

Main Committee Youth Representative

Paul Gallagher


Youth Sub Committee

Youth Rallies, Events and Raffles